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Sheep Shed

Our little white barn has had several jobs over the last year.

First it was the goat house.
Then is was the hawk hut.
Now, it's the sheep shed.

With lambs on the way, we needed a place for birthing pens,
or jugs as they call them.

Wayne made ours out of aluminum.  He's so talented!  See how the rails are closer at the bottom? Genius, I tell you.  It's handy that we have a family manufacturing business with aluminum to spare.

To the jugs, we added a layer of pine shavings on the floor with straw on top of that so it will be nice and soft for the little lambs.

There are feed bins and water buckets up high so the little ones won't reach them (we hope)

and a fire proof heat lamp mounted low enough to keep them warm.

There's a new frost free faucet right outside for water.

And a shelf with lambing supplies close to the jugs.

Everything is ready.
Now we just need some babies!


  1. How exciting! Can't wait to see them. :)

  2. Very nice! And I am glad to see a fireproof heat lamp....we need one for our chicks in the Spring and I didn't realize they made fireproof ones! Whew

  3. Looks like they will have everything they will need. I also didn't know that fireproof heat lamps were available. We use them for our rabbits in the garage in winter. I will have to check around.

  4. i wondered what kind of a business y'all had? scrap metal comes in handy i'll agree. even more so if you have a handy husband. :)

  5. It looks good. where did you find the fire safe lamp? I could definitely use one of them.

  6. We got the heat lamp at
    Our family owns a small manufacturing business that makes ladder racks and accessories for service vehicles, mostly for cable and electric companies across the country but also some outside of the US.

  7. The aluminum fencing for the jugs is brilliant! Clean, strong and can't be chewed!
    Where is Jake keeping the hawk?

  8. That's exciting! Looks like you're totally prepared!

  9. Awesome! Love the pens!!! Can't wait to see your happy lambs :-).

  10. Looks like the perfect set up. Just one question. Where did the Hawk go?

  11. {Sighhhhhhh...... } Still love this barn and still waiting for my site to be graded so we can start building. God is apparently still working patience into me. :-)

    Enjoy the new sheep!

  12. Everything looks great. Can't wait for the Lamb post.

  13. Great!! The picture shown in the post is fantastic. I am thankful to get this post when i was searching for wood sheds

  14. Jake gifted his hawk to a young girl apprentice here who lost her bird. Jake is taking a little break from falconry because of his busy Senior year life of finishing school, working, raising cattle and making college plans. Thanks for asking!

  15. Looks like you have all things ready...bring on the baby goats.

    reminded me (my mind works in crazy ways) of the movie Gone With the Wind
    when Prissy says to Scarlet
    "I don't know nothin' bout birthing babies Ms. Scarlet)

  16. Those are going to be happy little lambs. Can't wait to see them

  17. Absolutely perfect! Mama looks ready to me!

  18. Everything looks great! Love the aluminum jugs...very nice. Can't wait until you have babies in them :)

  19. Absolutely amazing! Those jugs are a work of art. Those sheep will be living in the lap of luxury!


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