Silent Treatment

After being gone more than a week, I woke on Sunday morning longing to see the animals.  Even though I normally don't go out at first light with my hubby, I donned my coveralls and coat and joined him in the cold. 

Lewis & Clark always talk to me as I step out the door onto the breezeway.  Always.  But I heard nothing.  I could see they were fine so I headed to the chicken coop to let them out before rooster woke the neighbors. 

Still no chatter from the goat pen.  Obviously, I was being given the silent treatment. 


"Hello, boys!" I said, leaning over the gate.
And then they replied,
 "Who are you?" 
 "Where is the cute teenage girl that has been
 bringing us animal crackers?"

I think they have forgiven me now.
At least they are talking to me again.

But it took a lot of animal crackers!


  1. Sucker. ;-)

    P.S. They sure are cute!

  2. My dog refused to eat while we were gone. She seems really hungry now! Gee- I wonder why?

  3. Haha -- too funny. Animal behavior is so interesting!

  4. Didn't it just break your heart? That happened to me when I left the horses. No whinnies... sad mom!
    But, you are right, they forgive quite readily... and treats speed that process up!

  5. They are so adorable! It has always been my dream to have some goats I just love them. Do they really chew everything?

    Have a lovely evening,

  6. So cute! Love your blog!


  7. (he he) Well, animals are so quick to forgive, I would too for animal crackers! Catching up with you, loved the vacations pics, looks like you all have a great time! :D

  8. LOL, my golden retriever use to do this to me every time we went out of town. It would take her an entire day before she would acknowledge us again.

    I just love it when my goats call me "maaaa". :-)

  9. Nice to know at least your animals missed you eh.
    ha ha...the silent treatment. A little bribe always goes a long way.

  10. I am glad they have forgiven you . That's so cute.


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