Cute & Cuddly

The lambs are enjoying the beautiful weather we are having.
And we are enjoying cute & cuddly lambs!


They are such fun to hold...

Jared & Daffodil

and to watch.

Pistache & Petunia
You can definitely tell he is lilac in the sun.
(Lilac is a special grayish color. Jacob people really like lilac.)

Zinnia (shy but so sweet)

Daffodil is a "look at me girl".

The mommas are watchful too.
They keep their babies close and don't let the others near them.

Last night we got 10 glorious hours of sleep.  Ok, my sweet husband got dressed and checked on them once in the night (thanks, honey!).  After many sleepless nights, it was so nice.

Bunny still looks like she could lamb anytime. Then we will have a break for a few weeks until the three first timers give birth. (we think!)


  1. I think Daffodil is the cutest!

  2. Oh my gosh - they are the cutest! I am off to research about Jacob Sheep - have a wonderful restful day!

  3. They are so cute and sweet looking! What fun!

  4. They are so precious! Looks like the boys are enjoying them.

  5. What a group of cuties!!! I would love to snuggle with them myself. Keep the pictures rolling we are so enjoying!

  6. Oh my goodness are they cute!! Cute names :-)

  7. I am so anxious to hold one myself... We will be out Saturday. Sure glad you got some much needed sleep.

  8. You suddenly have quite a flock!
    They are all beautiful!

  9. I just want to pick them up and hold them.

  10. I could scoop one up and bring it home right now! Adorable! -Mary

  11. OMGosh! How wonderful that these little babies are part of your lives! Wish I could jump right through my computer screen and touch them:)


  12. Aaawwww.....they are all so cute! We have not gotten up the nerve to brave birthing here at our farm, but would love some cuddly babies to love on!!

  13. how nice to have so many babies!! They are just the cutest. How many total sheep do you have now?? Don't forget to save a little room for the alpacas!!

  14. We have 8 ewes + 5 babies and 5-8 more lambs on the way.
    Funny you should mention alpacas. Our youngest one is wanting one!

  15. Oh goodness I missed all the fun! Congrats on all your new fur babies! They are all just adorable...what beautiful markings. You must love going out to the sheep's building to check on them every day...what fun it must be watching them jumping and playing with each other. Looking forward to more photo's down the road :)

  16. They are sooo cute and I will be anxious to see how they grow!


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