Lambs!!! (the birthing)

Last night we experienced the first births
on the Rockin' S-Squared Farm.
We've been anxiously waiting for Bella and Izzy to lamb and all the while Tiny was ready to go!  She's such a sweet ewe ~ we're glad she was the first.

It was miraculous to watch.  God's design is in all of life!
I've been encouraged lately to show the good and bad of farm life on my blog.  There was nothing bad about this but it's not, um, pretty.  Actually it is just messy pretty!  So if you don't want to see the real deal, you might want to just admire the sweet girl above and go no further.

Tiny got cozy in a corner in the afternoon.  By dinner time it was obvious she was contracting. There was lots of pawing at the ground, laying down, getting up, and making funny faces.

We kept checking on her until finally a water sack appeared like a big bubble.

After what seemed forever, we could finally see two little feet.  A quick pic & text to our breeder in Colorado who was so helpful!  She talked us through the whole thing. 
 (I just realized I should probably disinfect my phone!)

And there's the head resting right on top of the feet like it's supposed to.

Another few big pushes and we have a sweet ewe lamb!

Tiny goes straight to work cleaning her up.
What a good momma.

In 10 minutes she was up walking stumbling around

and taking in the world with her big bright eyes.

While mom & lamb were getting to know each other, another set of hooves appeared along with a nose.
A quick swipe to the nose and it shook it's head and started breathing.

Notice lamb one is nursing while lamb two is coming out.
That's a busy momma!
A few more pushes and lamb two is born.

It's a girl too!

Two lovely ewe lambs.
We feel blessed indeed!


  1. They are so adorable! I'm so glad they came out with no problems. Baby animals have got to be one of the best things in the world.

  2. congrats! we had twins this morning,one ewe, one ram.

  3. Love love it... I am so thrilled it all went well and you have two little girls.

  4. Awww, so cute! The pics were ok, nothing yucky.

  5. I never realized that sheep birth is exactly like goat birth... silly me! I love your babies. I also love this time of year when all the blog people are getting new additions to the farm. Congrats on your beautiful twin ewes!

  6. congrats! that is awesome! so looking forward to the arrival of our kids!

  7. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Of all baby animals, lambs are absolutly the most precious, I think, followed closely by kids. Nothing like seeing thm leap and twist in the air, or wag their little tails when they nurse. Great job to BOTH the Mamas!

  8. congrats to you! 1 down, 2 more to go!

  9. congratulations, on two ewe lambs. I had angora babies this week ... both billies. More angoras due soon, but Shetland babies not due until May.

  10. Yay Tiny! She did a great job and so did you! Those babies are adorable!

  11. Yay :-D I'm surprised she had them while you watched. Ours would hold 'em and hold 'em until we'd leave :-). Nice looking lambs!

  12. That is so exciting Kim! I love being able to watch a new life come into the is so exciting! Beautiful lambs and I love that you captured it all in pictures!


  13. Those first lambs born on your farm will always be special; even better that they are beautiful girls! Congrats and yes, God is good. :-)

  14. I've never been a sheep fan, but I like these Jacob's sheep. The lambs are perfect little girls. Enjoy.

  15. I've never been a sheep fan, but I like these Jacob's sheep. The lambs are perfect little girls. Enjoy.

  16. Congratulations on your beautiful blessings! Love the Springy, flower names. Sweet.

  17. Congratulations! How exciting. The lambs are beautiful.

  18. My four year old son loved this and so did I. He said "They are fun and cute and they can play ball with me and they can lick me and they can get horns any minute... and I can hug them".

    ha ha. Yes, but he still isn't getting one.

  19. Man, I miss a couple days checking your blog and miss all the action! Congrats on all the lambs born so far!!! They're very cute!

  20. Oh goodness congrats! I am getting caught up on al my blog reading and I sure missed a lot over here :) They are all TOO CUTE!!!


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