Night Watch

It appears all of our sheep like to lamb at night
and last night was a looong night!

When Wayne checked on Bella (the one we thought would lamb first) at midnight, she had a broken water sack.  We watched her until 2:30 am.  She had been having strong, close contractions for quite a while.  Then she just laid down and stopped.  We had already checked to see if the lamb was in the correct position with "two toes and a nose".  So we called our breeder in Colorado and she encouraged us to pull the lamb out.  She stayed on speaker phone and talked us through it.  Isn't technology great?!  And wasn't that great of her to do at 3:00 am?

I have to tell you, as novice shepherds, this was quite scary.  When the head finally emerged, the tongue was hanging out and we thought he was dead.  But as soon as the big limp boy with huge horn buds hit the ground, he was off and running!

So let's give a warm welcome to:

named after a tree found in Oklahoma
that exhibits beautiful color and strong wood but requires great care when young

& his little sister that quietly slipped into the world behind him.

They are very dark and are almost identical in markings.

Pistache is on the left with the dot on his head.
Petunia's leg marking are same as his only smaller.

They are not identical in personality though.
While sweet Petunia was hanging around and under momma, her twin brother was checking on Wayne's progress hanging another water bucket, trying to get into another pen to see the others, and wanting out the barn door.  

Old Bella's going to have her hands full!

After a long night watch, we are so thankful that Bella and babies are doing well!

Pistache: 7 lbs 6 oz
Petunia: 6 lbs 11 oz
Sire: Sherack Dually
Dam: Sherack Bella


  1. Wow, you guys are on a roll! Congratulations on another successful lambing...and how cool to get that first lamb-pulling experience under your belt the first year. Pistache looks so strong and proud in that first picture!

  2. Wow! Glad those births were successful, even though it started off scary.

  3. What an experience... And how good of the breeder to stay with you in the middle of the night on the phone to help you out. You did good! They look adorable.

  4. Congrautlations, is that 1 ram and 4 ewe lambs so far?

  5. Yes, that is 1 ram and 4 ewe lambs so far. We have one more ewe to lamb soon and then three first timer girls a few weeks from now.

    I've been told by two Jacob breeders that Pistache lookes like a dark "lilac" which is a desirable and more rare color. The slightly lighter color on his face around his eyes (like a halo) and on his ear tips is what they are looking at. :)
    I thought he was black but we have a lot to learn.

  6. This makes me happy... perhaps Pistache will get to stick around this world for long enough to be a daddy several times.

  7. they are so sweet. growing up our lambs were always nearly all black, these with the spots are super cutie pies!

  8. This must be so exciting for you! You'll be overflowing with lambs soon! And they are all still so adorable.

  9. How cute are those babies?? We worked 2 calves yesterday on the farm. They are starting to be born now, a lot more on the way. I will post pictures. Congratulations on those babies. I wish I lived closer, I would come over to hold them.

  10. I adore the name Pistache... and your reasoning for choosing that. How remarkable! You had quite a night!

  11. Just realized I spelled "looks" wrong in my last comment. My, I am sleep deprived!

  12. WOW!! I'd love to have that little ram come to our farm, what a proud little ram he is.

  13. Looks like you are in the thick of things. What a cute little flock you are accumulating.

  14. This is quite an adventure for you guys. new little guy appropriatly named !!!!

  15. You guys are really on a roll. Glad the first year is going so well. They are so cute.

  16. These are wonderful photos (but see that photo on your right panel, of Tuff.... oh my! )

    Great success story with the babies... good for you guys!


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