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Friday, February 24, 2012

Old Shipping Crate

As I was putting toys away after my niece and nephew were here yesterday, I realized that I had not shared this with you. 

We purchased this old shipping crate before we were married.  We loved antiques and thought it would make a good coffee table.  It had been refinished and was shiny and new, in an old way.

Who knows what it carried before it came to us.  The first years we had it, it held a blanket for curling up on the sofa and board games to play with friends.

Then the kids came along and it held toys & puzzles for them to drag out onto the living room floor.

Years later, when choosing upolstered furniture, an Ethan Allen designer came to our home.  Although I still loved the old crate, I halfway apologized for it as it sat in the living room.  She told me to "Never get rid of it.  It was perfect!"  I've never doubted what I like in furniture since.

Years of abuse from the boys and this old thing is still going strong.  It's taken on a weathered appearance which I think makes it even better. 

Now it holds toys for kiddos that come to visit the farmhouse.


  1. I love your new header... I need to figure out HOW to do that too! And the coffee table is priceless - I agree, never get rid of it. :)

  2. I enjoyed your homeschooling post. LOVED it! I HS'd up until 6th grade for my first few and now my 6th grader will be homeschooling next year for how long I don't know. (She wants to because she feels she's not learning enough in school :) We love Andrew Pudewa. My youngest son who is now 4 will be homeschooled as well. The socialization question always amused me .

    I can relate to boys being squirmy in K. Mine was not A.D.D... he just needed to run outside and let go of energy - I mean, he was 6 years old! ha ha Thanks for the reinforcement and remembering why it is a great idea.

  3. Wow...great mind think alike!!!! Our coffee table is also an old dutch crate, we have had it for many years.....although our children were in their teens when we acquired ours, I love it with the grand worries of scratches..the more the better! The girls have their teas parties at it, while the boys drive their trucks, cars and tractors across it.....the surface has been plowed many a times for a new spring!

  4. Love your crate... er your table! My MIL has a wooden create from a sewing machine that she keeps by her front door for hats, scarves and mittens. I love old things like that and just wish they could tell us a bit of their history!

  5. Love that crate and never get rid of it!!! I have an old one but the lid is rounded so it doesn't make a good coffee table. But it still is in the living room current with extra blanket to snuggle up in. Sending hugs!

  6. Love your crate. It has character. And I love things you don't have to worry about scratching or water marks. It just adds more character.

  7. Love the crate! I used to use my great-grandmother's cedar chest in the same way... when we had two "living spaces" that is!


  8. These antique crates make the BEST storage solutions.........because they are functional while looking so good! I would hold onto it anyway becuase of the sentiment value, it's been through some important stages of your life and will continue to be used appropriately Im sure!! Have a great weekend Kim!

  9. I Love your Crate and I agree never get rid of it. What a treasure.

  10. Just stumbled upon your blog and omgfarmlust!

    Loving your site!

  11. I love the crate. We have one similar but much smaller

  12. I love your new header too gives a good selection of what your blog is about :) I love this crate's perfect for your farmhouse. I think you have great taste in decorating! :)

  13. I really like your idea to make crate a coffee table.It look so beautiful.

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