Our new little guy is settling right in on the farm. 
He's such a cutie! 

Give me that!

He loves following us around and visiting the other animals.
The goats are his favorite. 
They are great fun to play with (and eat with)!

Don't mind if I do have some too.

He is telling everyone who is going to be the boss ~ HIM,
hence the name Tuff.

It's a tough tiring job being boss!

Wayne is calling him Tuff Guy.
I'm calling him Tuff Love!


  1. You need to stop posting pictures of your adorable puppy!! It will be all your fault if I accidentally come home with one of my own. He is too cute. And I love the name, it looks like it suits him :)

  2. To adorable! I love the picture where he's checking the goats out. Congrats on your puppy!

  3. What a cutie! I'd end up calling him Tuff Boy :-)

  4. Awww...he's just too cute! I could easily spoil him!

  5. Ohhhhh CUTE alert!!

    Love the photos. And love the name (though not *quite* as good our ours ;) !!

  6. Aw - so sweet - doncha just LOVE puppies!

  7. He would be a Tuff one not to fall in love with eh.

  8. Oh my goodness he is adorable! I love puppies:).


  9. Hi IS cute! He will do a good job on the farm. Good he can wear off all his energy outside, must be so exciting for such a little fellow, no matter how tuff :-)

  10. oh my word that first pic is killing me with cuteness!
    forgive me...a little slow on the uptake here. when i accidentally clicked a tab on your blog today imagine my surprise when there staring me back in the face was a picture of my own house. i'm humbled that you included me in that list of yours. thank you!

  11. Tuff is just about the cutest thing!!!! Don't you love their naptime????

  12. Simply adorable! I am a fairly new follower of yours. Though I don't have a farm, I find your Blog very interesting. My 11 year old son Loves looking at the pictures of your animals and learning about the life on the farm. I LOVE your Blog and Thanks for sharing!!!


  13. my son wants a puppy now too. (we already have three dogs...)


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