Daybreak Boys

Bunny was in labor when we went to bed last night and finally had twin rams early this morning.   We may have been up and down all night checking on her but they wanted to wait for the sun to come up so they could see the world.

These boys are BIG!  No wonder it took her a while. 


9 lbs 9 oz

He has a slipped eye patch, actually just a little eyeliner.  It may not be a "desirable trait" but I think it makes him pretty cute. Cedar also has two huge horn buds and blue eyes.


8 lbs 11 oz

He is a four horned sweet little big thing with black tipped ears.

Cedar & Cypress
Sire: Moose Mountain Joseph
Dam: Broken O Bunny

We didn't think Bunny was ever going to lamb.  In fact, we thought she might have triplets in there. She was blessed with milk to spare, so I was able to milk out a jar of colostrum to save in case we need it.

It's like liquid gold to a shepherd.

{3 more ewes to go}


  1. Congratulations, hope the next 3 ewes to lamb give you a bunch of ewe lambs.

  2. They are so fine. Congratulations.

  3. I am learning so much. I never knew sheep could have 4 horns. The 'slipped eye patch' is interesting too. Are they always supposed to have black around their eyes? You must be exhausted!

  4. Very interesting. Congratulations on the new little pair. My in-laws used to have a large number or goats (along with horses) but are now down to just a few because my MIL was finding it too hard to get up in the night in winter. Definitely a chore for more active people.

  5. I'm so excited for you! they are sOOOOOOO adorable! love love love spring on a farm!

  6. How can we not love our Jacob lambs, especially when they are the lambs of the ewes we love!Your new ram lambs are adorable, are they 2 horned, 4, or 6 horned?


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