Farmgirl Trade

I have a blog friend that is a real farmgirl.  She has all kinds of farm animals, milks goats, even raises her own turkeys and chickens for meat (butchers them too).  She inspires me to try things I didn't know I could do.  {Still thinking about the meat chickens though.}

A month or so ago, I offered a fleece from one of our Jacob sheep to Katiegirl.  I knew she did needle felting and thought she might be able to use one of them.  In return for Bunny's fleece she sent me goat's milk soap and lip balm that she makes herself.  Her products are named Purl & June after her sheep.
It's amazing stuff ~ I really love it! 

She also made something really special for us ~ our Rockin' S-Squared Farm brand needle felted out of Bunny's fleece.  How cool is that?! 

I put the soap by my sink in the master bath so no one else would use it.  It has just the right amount of bubbles, has gentle scent, and leaves your hands feeling soft.  And the lip balm, well, I'm carrying it around with me.

Really, you should visit her etsy shop and get some of this stuff for yourself.  You won't be sorry.

I really came out on the good end.  I mean all she got was a dirty fleece straight off the ewe.  And there was a mix up on the shipping address and the package she sent came back to her. She had to send it twice!  And we all know how much shipping is. 

I figure, I still owe her. 

Katiegirl, I stitched this up for you and it's on it's way.  Farmgirls always need something to wipe their hands on, right? Now we have a fair trade.


  1. that's such a cute apron! nice trading by all!

  2. Cute apron! I love the pattern!

  3. Wow how sweet of you and both where blessed. love the apron!!

  4. Looks like you both had fun trading. Love the apron.

  5. The apron is just darling! Sounds like a great trade to me!

  6. That apron is too cute! Love it. Its nice to have farm friends to trade with :) Katie & I traded beanies one year, I crochet & she knits.

  7. That apron is so cute! You really didn't have to do that! I know I'll love it though! I think I made out pretty well in the trade too, and Bunny even sent me a nice little note and a picture! :-)

  8. OMG, that apron is AWESOME! Love, love, love!


  9. Love the apron! How nice that we have friends like this online!

  10. That's great! I always loved trading with other artists when I was doing art shows.


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