Pistache has Panache

He's quite the ram lamb.

two week old Jacob ram lamb

I just love that he is "lilac".  Lilac is a special color of Jacob sheep.  See the lighter halo around his eyes?  That's lilac.  He is more of a blue-gray rather than black and white.

He also has blue marbled eys.

"Yes, I'm adorable, aren't I?"

He even struts around sometimes.  I guess he knows he's the only ram so far.

I'm not supposed to get my hopes up on using him as a flock sire until we see how his horns develop but he is just so adorable.  
I can't help myself.

Pistache just has panache!


  1. He is very sharp. He sure can strut. Thanks for sharing.

  2. He's a good looking guy! What does horn size have to do with breeding? I am obviously new to sheep.

  3. And panache he has indeed. I loving the new lamb posts.

  4. Pistache has beautiful colouring and reminds me a bit of a holstein calf.

  5. and not to mention he's about the cutest thing going! Let's hope his horns come in correctly!

  6. Be still my heart! How dang cute is he? It makes me want to snuggle him in my arms. I'm sure he is getting that Mr Ram attitude and just want to strut and be macho!

  7. Yes, he doesn't care much for cuddling! He is happy enough to let us admire him from afar. That's the way it should be for rams anyway, I'm told.

    The girls are all pretty cuddly except for Pistache's sister. She's a squirmy little thing!

  8. Ian H,
    Jacob Sheep are a heritage breed and we have a registered flock. In order to continue breed standards, Jacob inspectors look for certain qualities in order to "pass" male lambs to become rams. They don't want undesirable traits to filter into the breed. Horns need to have correct spacing with hair between them and not be fused together. Jacob can have more than four horns so this is important. They also can't have forward facing horns or horns that curve toward their own face.

    Take a look at some Jacob rams at moosemntranch.com and you can see what I'm talking about.

    So even if you have a registered sire and dam, it's ram lamb may not be able to be registered. All ewes can be as I understand. However, since we are getting in to a heritage breed we would like to help preserve it by moving forward the best. There are lots of different looking Jacobs out there so this doesn't mean there is no variety. Actually, I think there is more variety than with most sheep breeds. We are having fun deciding what traits we want in our own flock.

  9. My son is so excited! He wants one. ha ha


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