Spring Green

The warm temperatures over the last week have really greened up the grass.  The horses couldn't be happier!

Although it's early (real early), it's perfect timing.  A sprinkler system was installed this week.  Yes, on a farm.  Guess there is still a little city in us!  Hopefully the new shoots of green grass will cover all the ditches quickly.

Actually, this is the last phase of our water revamp that we did this winter.  The drought last summer caused us to take a serious look at where we needed water.  With the number of animals we have, the limited pasture, and the dry summer months, we need to be able to water the grazing grass to keep it going.

Water hook ups were installed along the fence line to accomodate a walking sprinkler.  To keep all this working we added two additional water wells.  I'm so thankful we have good clean water
and lots of it! 

The grass isn't the only thing springing up.  Flowers are starting to come out from their hibernation.  Some are even showing their colors.

This weekend we worked on the vegetable garden so we can get things growing in there too.  I think the raised beds are going to work great.

And speaking of spring ~ the little lambs are sprouting quickly. 
They have plenty of spring in their step too!


  1. Oh wow, those raised beds look GREAT!

    And I love that green grass in the pasture!

  2. sounds like lots of springy things happening there!!! i wish lived closer to see all those babies and say hello to the horses again. oh yes, and all the human too! :)

  3. Yay! Spring!
    Love the green... and of course, the little 'spring' in the lamb!

  4. hoping the rains expected here today and tomorrow will fill the pond in anticipation of summer! hope it reaches you, too!

  5. Love the lamb kicking up her heels. You guys sound set for water!

  6. Yes, it's raining here and looks like it will all day. Glad all those ditches are covered!

  7. I just can't get my head around situations that *need* more water.... More sun, yes. Less wind, yes. But more rain..?? Nope!

    Your raised beds look amazing! And that gorgeous little lamb...wow - what a cutie!

  8. Totally jealous of your raised beds! And I'm so glad things are finally greening up! Your irrigation system will be so nice come summer!

  9. This summer should be a lot easier for you with the watering system. Glad you have it now.

  10. Love the way you laid out the raised beds, how clever!


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