Vegetable Garden Planning

This spring we are revising the veggie garden. 
It's just one of several projects going on.

We have a fenced area already however it has several issues that need fixing.  The first is when it rains, it's nearly impossible to get in there because of the mud.  Secondly, there is so much space, we feel the need to plant every square inch and often get our rows too close together making it hard to work.  Lastly, weeds growing in the walkways.

The vegetable garden is next to my in-laws blue house next door.
Raised beds like in the flower garden should be the solution.  We will build boxes in an artistic pattern.  Fill them with gardening soil.  And add crusher gravel to all the walkways.

We were thinking it would be nice to have a little sitting area in the middle.  There is already a base of knockout rose bushes around the perimeter.  Nana, next door, also has planted wisteria with perennials in each corner.  A few flowers mixed in with the vegetables should make it very colorful.

One year old peach trees by the garden

I'll show you progress as it moves along.  When lambing is over and the land dries up from recent rains, we will start work. 

As always, to make the most of a small acreage, a well laid out plan is the best way to start.


  1. Lookin' forward to seeing the process. How cool to have property where the whole family can live.

  2. That is my dream garden. Too bad to do something like that I would have to cut about 100 trees. I will live through your eyes. Can't wait.

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