Worst Thing on the Farm


A few inches of rain + dormant grass + land that doesn't like to soak it up anyway =
Mud ~ and lots of it!

Please don't think everything is always pretty around
the Little Red Farmhouse.  It's not. 
 And until our grass turns green,
I'm afraid it's going to look like this every time it rains.

The pigs don't mind at all.  In fact, they quite enjoy it! 
 (We are thinking about putting a concrete pad
 in their pen next year.)

Of course, tomorrow they go to butcher.
We have no idea how we are going to get the trailer out of the yard!

The chickens like it too.
This girl really has green legs but not with mud around.

At least I have pink boots to slosh through it.

I think they will be by the back door for a while.
At least most of the mud can be checked at the door.

Yeah, I said most of it.
Some mud sneaks in on the rug.


  1. Isn't that the truth! Where we don't have snow we have mud.

  2. I've got my pink boots out these days too. But i'm grateful. :)

  3. And I agree that MUD is the worse thing on the farm! Good luck loading those pigs up out of that mud...

  4. I agree, mud is the worst. I put hog fuel down in the horse paddocks and it works for a while but then it breaks down into "mud". We have heavy clay soil underneath so there is no drainage. Every year I plan a new strategy in my war on mud. But so far I haven't won.

  5. I cracked up at the picture of the 'mud that snuck in on the rug'! Yup... we have that here, too - although our version is slightly different in color. It's still mud!
    We've had yucky winds. But... the plus side of that is that most of our mud has dried up.
    Good luck!

  6. Loading pigs in the mud....uuggh, I remember that last fall :-)
    Your mud that snuck in on the rug is too cute!

  7. I guess even wonderful rain has a not so great side.

  8. at least spring mud is getting you ready for flowers and sunshine and outdoors!!


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