Canola Fields

Yes, as in canola oil.
Pam plants, our oldest son calls them.

This is not a crop I remember ever seeing in Oklahoma.
Either I'm more in touch with agriculture now
or it's new to the area.

Either way, I'm loving the sweet smelling canola fields a few miles away from our home.

They are just so lovely!

Ecclesiastes 3:11
God has made everything beautiful in its time.

even canola!


  1. they are pretty! i've seen a blogger pal in canada post about them before. :)

  2. Wow if only all crops were so beautiful!

  3. do they smell. I thought most canola was grown in places like Idaho, Montana, and ND and SD, but then I realized I haven't thought about that for a couple of decades. I hope they will weather the kinds of droughts that have been hitting NM, TX, and OK lately. When are they harvested?
    Verrrry interesting!

  4. Ah so now I know where some of our oil comes from..good to see the actual plant! This is Anna from That New House...I've branched out with a new blog:
    But the real reason I wanted to post a comment is because I found out Friday that I'm expecting my third boy in August! So I get to join the club of mama of three boys :o) Seeing your boys inspires me...hoping mine turn out to be as good as your's seem to be!

  5. I've never seen canola plants before, and you're right, they're beautiful:)


  6. Popped over from Julia's blog...

    So interesting to hear you remark about the canola crap ( we have tons here in central Alberta) it's refreshing to hear you like the smell too. Lots of folks comment on it 'stinking...' I will think of you this summer when I see the sea of yellow!

  7. really???!!!! so beautiful. wonder if i can talk my hubby into planting canola? ;)


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