Frozen Homemade Biscuits

Did you know you could make biscuits from scratch and freeze them before baking?
love Angel Biscuits but often there is not enough time in the morning to mix up a batch.

I decided to try freezing some for later use.  So last time I made biscuits I tossed one pan in the oven and one pan in the freezer.  A few days later I baked them. 

They were soooo gooood!

I couldn't tell any difference at all in the way they turned out.
Just bake them twice as long as if they were fresh in the pan.

Who says you can't have perfect angel biscuits on a busy morning?


  1. Just sitting here, drooling.

  2. Well what'dya know?! Thanks for the tip! Think I'll give this a try:)


  3. I have actually been wondering this very thing!! Thanks for letting us now!! Now I will totally freeze some!!

  4. I love that idea! I will have to share this with my girls! Florence

  5. Do they go in the oven straight from the freezer without defrosting them?

  6. Yes, straight in the oven from the freezer.


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