Homeschooling ~ One Down, Two to Go

Today is a special day.  It's the last day of our oldest son's homeschool education.
Twelve years ago, we started this ever changing, ever challenging journey to reach this destination.  We began with Kindergarten at the kitchen table with arm loads of books & fists full of new crayons.

 I had butterflies in my stomach as my mind raced with reservations.  Could I do it? Did I want to be with my kids all day everyday? The answer of course was "yes". On my own, I could not have done it though.  I've received so much guidance and encouragement along the way, especially from my always supportive husband, my sister-in-law that homeschooled before me and God whom I cried out to for patience many times. 

We simply felt led by God to take a different path with our children.
 Never have I been so happy that we made this decision.

Of course, high school presented challenges that we had not faced before.  Boys don't always like their mothers telling them what to do.  School subjects got harder and above my own understanding.  I never understood Algebra!  However, with the help of private tutors and homeschool group classes, he made it through ~ with all A's I might add!

Through this twelve year walk with Jake, I have been privileged to watch him grow into a strong, smart, young man dedicated to the Lord that anyone would be proud to call son. 

Even though his homeschool education was meant to teach him,
I've learned a lot too ~
about dedication,
about perseverance,
about patience,
about love,
even a little more about Algebra.

In the midst of everything else that is going on right now, we have a boy transitioning into adulthood ~ receiving scholarships, a summer job at a horse barn, making decisions about the future, senior pictures, graduation announcements, a party, even enrolling in college courses for fall.  It's a lot for this homeschooling mom's heart to handle.  But it's fun and it's rewarding.

So if you are on this long, sometimes difficult, road of homeschooling your children and you can't see what's beyond the bend, know that others have walked that road before and you can do it too.  Actually, we're still on that road.  We have two more to go!


  1. Congratulations! Amazing accomplishment! And wonderful pictures ~ handsome young man:)


  2. aw man, thanks for the tears. This was a beautiful post and congrats to you and your son. I too and on that road and wouldn't want to couldn't imagine being on any other road but it is going a LOT faster than I'd like it to for sure! great pics too by the way!

  3. Much congratulations to you and your family. I'm sure everyone is better for the experience. I know we are. Enjoy!

  4. Congratulations to BOTH of you! What a happy day!

  5. Congratulations to both of you. You must be so proud. Next year is our daughter's last year of home school. I look forward to it, but then again I don't. It's nice to get to see before hand what can happen if we stay with it. Thank you so much for the encouragement & beautiful pics. Have a blesses've earned it :o)

  6. Congratulations to your son, and you as parents as well!

  7. I am so proud of both of you!

  8. this is awesome, kim. congratulations to your son and to you. :)

  9. Oh, it brings tears to my eyes. So proud of you both!! Awesome! Love the pics of Jake too.

  10. Wow, Mama! Congratulations to your whole family!

  11. Thanks for the encouragement. So much sounds familiar (convicted to walk a different path, supportive husband, leaning on God, SIL who homeschooled first), but my only is in 4th grade. Not sure if I can do HS, but God will lead.

  12. Congratulations on your perseverance! it would appear that you both got an education. A real bonus when you think of it.

  13. great job! both of you! thanks for the encouragement too! my oldest enters 7th grade next year. i'm sad it's going so fast, but excited to see him learn and grow. bitter sweet i guess...sigh.

  14. Congrats! What an accomplishment!

  15. I watched my son perform at college this past weekend... a rock opera with a "heavy" theme no less. My youngest was playing in the outdoor volleyball sand pit and my son was performing at the school's hangout place and... I ... was... near ... tears ... the ... whole ... time. My husband kept laughing and saying I still had five to go... but my mind kept going down memory lane. :) Your young man looks incredible. You have done a great job with him, I'm sure.

  16. Congratulations! We, too, are wanting to homeschool our children. I would love to know what cirriculum you chose and what works. I struggle daily with patience. As I'm sure God does with all of us! lol Great job, momma!


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