Horse Dr.

D had a visit with a Dr. yesterday.
Not just any Dr. but an equine veternarian who specializes in chiropractic treatment.

She's had a sore foot and after reading scary things on the internet about lameness, we called her for a farm visit.

After watching her lunge and examining her hooves, she decided to do a few x-rays to see what was going on.
That was an amazing little machine!

D was upset that her legs were muddy for the photo shoot.

It was determined that she needs some adjusting in the way her hooves are trimmed.  If that doesn't help, we will put front shoes on her.
We were just happy to know her limping would get better with a few changes and a little time.

We learn so much when Dr. Kim comes to the farm.


  1. Hi Kim...what an interesting way to have your horses hooves checked! Here's hoping the change in trimming works for your horse...even if you have to put shoes on him/her it's not so bad. I'll be watching to see how things go..good luck! Isn't this a much nicer Saturday than the last one ;) Enjoy your weekend. Maura :)

  2. That's a nifty little xray machine! Sure beats having to haul your horse in.

  3. Glad to hear it is just a pedicure fix. :-)

  4. It is amazing what can be done now. I remember when we used to have to guess. Hope things worked out.

  5. Well of allthe things it could be, that's an easy fix. Yippee for that! Nifty portable x-ray machine...with four kids (3 boys) I may need to invest in one of those (

  6. It sounds like you have some great professionals there to help you.
    Good luck!

  7. What a cool little portable x-ray machine! Glad to hear that the problem sounds easily treatable. My friend is a certified barefoot trimmer and amazes me with each set of before-and-after photos she posts. (Of course, I'm a cowgirl, not a horse girl, so I don't ever quite understand what she has fixed, but it still amazes me!)

  8. very cool...i included chiropractic care for animals in my dissertation!


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