Lamb Creep Gate & Lamb Races

The lambs are getting really big.  And even though they are still with their mommas, we are now seperating them at feeding time.


The ewes are much happier with this situation since now they are getting their full portion of alfalfa.  We knew the lambs were sharing but we were not sure how large that portion was.

 It appears it was quite a lot!

Move over!


While the ewes eat in peace, the lambs creep into the shed through the creep gate and eat their own alfalfa and sweet feed.  They make a racket going in and out and seem to make a game of it.

Their teenage friend, Ziggy, who always want to be with the lambs, wishes she could join them!

When they have had their fill, they creep out...

and off to the races they go!

They run from one side of the pen to the other and around again.

It will be nice to have them out on a pasture in a few weeks.  It will be fun to watch them run on green grass!


  1. quite the thundering herd of mini 'holsteins' you have, there! :)

  2. Like cat wrangling! Too cute.

  3. They are SO cute. I'm now planning on putting spots on our sheep with a Sharpie. ;)

  4. Just cute! You didn't tell us who the fastest lamb was. I wouldn't want to be in the middle of that stampede.

  5. Oh that's so cute - those lambs are having a blast. I wouldn't want to get in their way! I'll bet those mamas are glad the kids are out of the way at dinner time. Sweet post, Kim.

  6. Oh my goodness the pics of them running are too cute!

  7. they are so cute and my...there are so many of them!!

  8. Oh, these running lambs are SO CUTE!!
    What was your total number??

  9. We had an even dozen ~ 6 Rams & 6 Ewes!

  10. Hahahaha! The running! Like a bunch of little kids at recess! Your posts make me smile:)


  11. oh my, that is the cutest picture I have ever seen--love those little lambs!!

  12. Lamb it! Neat to see them growing up, too.

  13. Oh, that is just great! What a life they are having... even though some are destined for things "unpleasant"... this is how it should be.

  14. we have the same thundering "lambpede" at our farm. when we have three round bales out in the yard at once I swear they're barrel racing... :)


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