My First Handspun Yarn

made from our very own Jacob Sheep.
I'm quite excited about it!

I see all sorts of flaws in it ~
never the less,
it's a start;
it was fun;
& it's straight off our sheep.

After we had them sheared,
I skirted the fleece,
washed it by hand, and
carded it into rolags white & gray.
Then I spun the fiber onto spools with the spinning wheel.
Next was plying the two colors together.

Gray & White Wool on the Lazy Kate

Ready to ply together

My first two ply yarn

Next I set the twist by giving the yarn soaks in
hot water with dish soap,
 hot water with white vinegar,
then plain hot water.

Drip dry

Two and a half skeins of gray wool yarn.

Smiley couldn't be happier about what's become of her fleece.
Either that, or she's smiling about the protein lick
that is all over her face!
I'm not sure which.
We'll say it's the yarn.


  1. Congratulations! All your hard work in such a time honoured tradition has paid off in two gorgeous skeins.

  2. Way to go, Kim. Now all you need is a bunch more critters. ;-} It does look good!

  3. Wow, look at you girl! I am so impressed!! Great job!

  4. I am so impressed! How lovely! Wow! What more can I say?!

  5. Do I see very special winter caps for everyone in the family? Great job!

  6. Right on! Lovely handspun yarn, and I love your spinning wheel. Spinning the fleece of my Jacob sheep is pure delight and I always enjoy seeing the yarn others turn out from their sheep.

  7. It is addicting isn't it?

  8. Beautiful! The flaws are the best part - I love knitting with handspun yarn!

  9. I remember when you shared the arrival of your sheep! Wow! The story has come around full circle.

    Your yarn is lovely

  10. Great job! That must be so satisfying!

  11. Beautiful yarn -- I am into flaws! Yours are FABULOUS!!


  12. I'm sure it is quite nice yarn. Will you be selling it eventually?

  13. I don't think this first yarn is worthy of selling. Thanks though! You all are so encouraging! Maybe someday when I really get going on the spinning.

    And why oh why can't I get the reply button to work under your comments?!

  14. Flaws? I don't see any flaws! You are pretty amazing:)



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