Picking Flowers

This spring while shopping for flowers, I was admiring how pretty the hanging pots were at the garden store.
But hanging pots and the Oklahoma wind don't go together well.
Then I had an idea!  
Why not transplant them in my galvanized pots?
18 inch metal container with cascading Snowstorm blooms

So instead of buying flowers in small four inch pots and waiting for them to grow, I popped the large mass of flowers out of the hanging basket and put them in my metal containers. 
It worked out really well!
2 foot galvanized tub of purple Million Bells

Just look how full those tubs are! 

And the bonus...
turns out you get a lot more bloom for the buck when you buy flowers in hanging baskets.


  1. Fabulous idea. I hadn't thought of buying the hanging basket and transplanting. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Agreed...I do this each year! Most hanging baskets are really affordable, and they're overflowing too. Great tip to share!

  3. I got three words for ya...GOR-GEE-OUS!!!
    Enjoy those beautiful blooms!

  4. They look great! I would love to get some fun flower containers. When I do... I'll have to remember to look at the hanging baskets!

  5. I love the galvanized pots! They look beautiful! great idea...

  6. I saw this on Pinterst. I was planning to do it in my backyard.

  7. I love galvanized anything!! Beautiful flowers..tis the season of Adding color!


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