Sooie Pig, Here Pig

Yesterday we brought home new piglets ~
Chester-Duroc Crosses.
The girl is red and the boy (soon to be fixed) is white.

They are too stinkin' cute when they are little!

Ziggy and Poppy were very curious about their new neighbors.

Sooie Pig & Here Pig will lead a pampered life
until they reach full size.

Funny how I love bringing baby pigs home
and how I love putting big pigs in the freezer.
That's farm life for you.


  1. Haha...too funny. I love the babies too, and I love putting big pigs in the freezer LOL. They are so cute!

  2. They look so sweet when they are babies... And anything but sweet when they are big

  3. Very sweet! And boy will they taste good!

  4. They are cute and look like they'll make fine pork!

  5. The red pig is just so beautiful!


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