Bloomin' Blackberries

The thornless blackberries are really producing this year.
A few are turning black already!

After last year's lack of fruit, I couldn't be happier with the promise of a good crop.  We did have a severe drought but I think the low production had more to do with not managing the blackberry canes well. 

After doing some research, I implemented a new plan.  The berries can produce to maximum potential when the shoots out of the ground are in their second year.  So last year I pulled all the canes in this row to this side of the fence.  Keeping them pruned to under 3 feet, I let them grow but they did not produce berries.  I didn't let anything grow on the other side of the fence.

This year, they filled out and then started producing berries ~ lots of them!  All the new canes coming out of the ground are being pulled to the other side of the fence to be next years canes. 

And so the cycle goes ~ every year 1st year canes are on one side not producing and 2nd years canes are on the other side producing blackberries like crazy.  After these canes finish producing they will be cut to the ground making way for the new canes.

I guess it's true we have to grow
before we can bloom.


  1. Oh my goodess! I cannot believe the difference in weather! We cannot even plant safely in the gardens until this weekend due to the fear of frost.... that's it! I'm moving! lol

  2. I love your strategy. We just planted some blackberries... but I don't think we'll be able to pull the games from one side of the fence to the other. Hmmm... it's worth checking out, though!

  3. I like your idea...great way to keep them separated and remember which are which. Enjoy those berries! We are down south of you in Lawton but I don't know a place here to get berries, so I usually go about an hour south of here to Charlie, TX, for ours.

  4. Thanks for sharing your research! Now I need to find out what to do about the pesky birds that are eating all of my black blackberries!

  5. Our raspberry bushes have loads of flower buds this year. But won't be for another month before we get fruit. We just planted our garden this past weekend, here in mid-Maine.

    Enjoy the fruits of your labor.

  6. I've wanted to try blackberries and raspberries...this looks like a great method. I just have to make a start... it's about that time of year, isn't it?? thinking about fresh berries makes my mouth water


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