Bluebird Baby

Some of the little bluebirds have left the nest.

Springtime is busy in front of the pond.
We have 4 bluebird houses hanging on the back fence.

Today this little one was viewing how big and wide it's world was.
And while we were watching him,

momma & daddy blue were watching us.

Hope you are enjoying spring today!


  1. I always hear how lucky bluebirds are. You were lucky to see such a cute little fellow.

  2. We had a bluebird near our market garden who became infatuated with his appearance in the side mirror of my husband's farm truck. It was entertaining to be working in the garden and see him admiring himself in the mirror! I love the baby picture you have of the little guy with that tuft of fuzz on the top of his head.:)

  3. what a little sweetie! looks like your farm is bursting with spring green :)


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