Hollowing Eggs for Decoration

With an abundance of eggs in my fridge,
I decided to add some to my egg basket.
Just for decoration!

I don't like leaving eggs out on the counter
even though they say you can if they are fresh.

Instead you can hollow some out.

First you make small holes with a tiny phillips screwdriver by gently pressing while turning back and forth on both ends of the egg.

Once you make the second hole, the egg white should start coming out.  You may have to insert the screwdriver into the egg to break the yolk.

Once the egg starts coming out, place it under running water.
You could blow into the hole
but I'm not real fond of getting raw egg in my mouth!
Water works.

Shake egg up and down to remove all the white and yolk.  Some eggs are stubborn, so patience and persistence is needed.
Rinse in hot soapy water and set out to dry.

Arrange them so the holes are not obvious in a bowl or cute egg basket to display in your kitchen.

They'll last for a long time.


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