Moving to Green Pasture

Yesterday was moving day for the sheep.

The boys finished the fence seperating the pasture
so the sheep would have their own one acre section for grazing in front of the house.

Some were more willng to relocate than others.

It's full of green grass.
After being in the pen by the sheep shed
the lambs didn't know what to think.

They quickly got the idea.

The horses were really excited about meeting their new neighbors.

After a little stare down,
They all went back to munching on green grass.

I think the sheep will be really happy there.

Construction materials are still in the drive.
More farm building is to come ~
I'll show it all to you when it's complete.


  1. They are so cute. The picture of the sheep in from of the house is the perfect setting.I sure enjoy reading your blog!

  2. Lucky sheep! Lots of new grass. Enjoy!

  3. I saw some sheep this weekend. None came close to the cuteness scale of your's!

  4. That last picture is just perfect!

  5. They can be stubborn little things but so cute.


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