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Flag Pillows for the Fourth

This week I was inspired to make some flag pillows.  Nothing fancy just sixteen inch squares sewn together and stuffed with fluff.

I mean, when you have a red house and a blue house on one farm, you must decorate for the 4th of July!

Flying a flag on our farm everyday in the Oklahoma wind is rough on Old Glory.  Consequently, we go through two flags a year.  Lucky for me, we had the old ones stored away.  {We usually give them to the veterans or Boy Scouts to retire them respectfully.}

I felt a little bad cutting them up but I hummed the Star Spangled Banner while I worked. That made it ok, right?  If you don't think so, just keep it to yourself.

I think Betsy would be pleased with these stars and stripes.

I know Tuff is.


  1. Adorable, I love it! We go through about a flag a year because of wind and the sun bleaching it out. We bought a really nice one, made of higher quality fabric, and thought it would last really long but it is rounding out a second year and looking pretty drab.

  2. great idea for the 4th and they look patriotic on the porch.

  3. Hello and Good Afternoon, Those pillows look great, prefect touch for the 4th. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Anna

  4. I love the pillows, and no, just recycled, not disrespectful... you're not kicking them around! They look beautiful on the porch chairs, that was a good issue of Country Living with lots of good ideas!

  5. beautiful and I don't find it disrespectful at all. I have a very old flag hanging in our kitchen window as a curtain that is so thin that holes are wearing in it. It is beautiful and I am proud to display my countries flag especially since my husband is getting ready to enter the military at the age of 32. GOD bless the USA!

  6. That is a neat idea! What a patriotic pillow it is. :) Tuff has grown so much!

  7. new to your blog...its very lively & colorful!

  8. Great use of old flags. Our's is looking tattered and needs replacing...I think I'll give your idea a go when I buy the new flag!


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