Friday Flowers

The scorching heat hasn't taken it's toll on the flowers quite yet,
at least not all of them.  Watering at sunset every night is helping.  It also helps to choose varieties that can take "Oklahoma full sun".  That's different than regular full sun.

This bed is my favorite this year ~
Hot pink Knockout Rosebushes
Purple Coneflower
Russian Sage
May Night Salvia
Purple Heart
& Periwinkles

I finally have some Daisies in the garden.  This is the second variety that I have tried.

 The Cut & Come Again Zinnias are really growing.
Next year, I am hoping the whole bed is filled with these.

And my favorite this week ~
a gorgeous pink Gladiolus


  1. I love the coneflowers and daisies especially! Enjoy the weekend with your beautiful blooms!

  2. Pink Glads! How beautiful! We have those miserable hot summers, too, in SC (this weekend's temps will be 104ish...ugh!) where full sun does a number on everything!

  3. very pretty. what the sun doesn't get here the grasshoppers do...

  4. Hi,I have been following your blog for a while but just recently started my own! Your flowers are so pretty:)

  5. I'd say your flowers are FLOURISHING in your heat!

  6. New to your blog, I was excited to see you are in Oklahoma too! Looking forward to seeing everything you have to share ☺ Your flowers are so beautiful, it looks like the sunset watering is doing the trick!

  7. They're so pretty! Do you plant them from seed? :)


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