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Galvanized Compost Pail

We've been needing one of these for quite a while and I finally found one that fit the style of our kitchen and the price that I wanted to spend. I love it when that happens!

This is not one of the fancy compost pails that has a charcoal filter in the top.  It's just a regular 1 gallon galvanized bucket with a lid.  We take scraps out everyday, so I didn't really want to mess with the filters.
It looks great in the kitchen,
holds a lot of scraps,
and has a sturdy handle.
I just love it.

And the pigs~
well, they are very happy about the compost pail too!


  1. Oh, so much prettier than the plastic version our municipality passes out.

  2. I LOVE it -- galvanized is my style too :)

    I use a vintage enamelware honey pot with lid, lol. It works perfect and since I too take it out daily, have no need for a fancy, filtered thing :)


  3. Where did you find it? It would be perfect for my kitchen!

  4. I would *love* to find one of those! Please do share where you found it so I can see if I can find a similar kind of place out here. (No pigs to feed it to, but the compost pile will get happier.)

  5. Hi Kim, think the pail is great,looks wonderful in the kitchen to. Good find,Blerssings Francine.

  6. I bought it at Gardener's Supply online but when I went to post a link it said they were no longer available. I guess my MIL and I got the last two. I bet there are more out there somewhere though.

  7. That's a handsome looking bucket. Perhaps it could be found at an outlet.

  8. That is a great pail! I am like you...I take out the scraps every day and don't want to worry about a filter so I've thought about finding a pretty bucket with a lid to use. For now, I use whatever random piece of Tupperware I pull out of the drawer..the chickens don't seem to mind!

  9. I got the fancy one with the filter and after I put the lid on the first time, it never wanted to come off. It was like it fused together. I had to put it outside to see if any of us could work the lid off because I really wanted it to work but I ended up tossing it. I use whatever bowl is available when I need it but I sure like your galvanized bucket!

  10. I meant to say that I have the same magnetized strip and magnetized containers in my kitchen too (from IKEA) -- love!

  11. I'm with you. I will hold out until I find exactly what I want. I think it looks great in your kitchen.

  12. I'm with you. I will hold out until I find exactly what I want. I think it looks great in your kitchen.


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