Gathering from the Garden

We've been picking a few things from the garden for a couple of weeks but this weekend was the first big picking.

Green beans

Summer squash & sweet onions that went straight into the pan

a BIG bowlful of BIG blackberries

Just look at the size of those berries.
 This was so nice to see after last year's poor crop.

The sweetest little cherry tomatoes.
These were the only ones that made it back to the house. ;)

About five pounds of new potatoes.

and last but not least ~
Cut and Come Again Zinnias
They are brightening the kitchen windowsill right now.

Hope your garden is growing too.


  1. OH MY GOODNESS!!! We're just now able to plant, hopefully my garden will get planted shortly after I'm done weeding and adding a bit of compost...

    Your harvest looks amazing! Especially those berries!

  2. Kim, it all looks so good. Those blackberries are huge! We've considered planting those out front of the house away from all the animals. My sister gave me info on them but can't remember where it is. I think she bought her cuttings in Arkansas or somewhere in December.
    I love the of my favorite. They're always so cheerful!

  3. Lucky you! Our garden is just starting to come up. It will be a while before we get fresh veggies. :-{

  4. I was a little late getting my garden in this year. I love the photos of all your bounties. Wow, huge blackberries - pie coming up?

  5. Looks dee-lish! Our garden is dormant for the summer. Just hoping for sweet potatoes in another month or so. And looking forward to fall planting!

  6. Everything looks wonderful! We are a few weeks behind you, but I can't wait!

  7. Those blackberries would make an amazing wine.

  8. Ok, I'll have to look forward to my blackberry crop next year...because this year has been disappointing. Seeing your big juicy ones gives me hope!

  9. Truly, just beatuiful. Wow, you live a wonderful life!


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