WOW! Those guys are cute...

At least that's what the mares had to
say when our new Peruvian friends drove up today.

Dashing, debonair and FOREIGN, they seemed to catch the eye of all the girls around the red farmhouse!

Of course, none of us can understand a single word
they say but their accent is so cute, we decided to ask them to stay.

Introducing, Armondo and Bebe D'eau. 
Wait, that's a little formal for friends so we'll just call
them Simon and Garfunkel.  After all, they've been walking around
humming since they got here and the mops on their heads remind us of the singing duo.

Simon & Garfunkel are two year old Huacaya Alpacas.

Simon is silver with chocolate spots.
Garfunkel is a light fawn color.
They've been together forever.

We are going to use their fleeces for spinning.  Jared has wanted alpacas since we first went to our spinning teacher's farm. Their fiber is silky and soft!  It's an early birthday present for the boy. {That's my story and I'm sticking with it.}

We are so excited they came for a visit and decided to stay.


  1. congrats! they are adorable! hope they fit in well!

  2. My husband wants alpacas soo bad! They are cute! I love the gray color. Haven't seen that before.

  3. congrats, I know you will enjoy them.

  4. Man alive they are cute! I just want to give them both a neck hug :) Love the names!

  5. Alpacas are awesome! Our boys entertain us with their antics and the fiber they produce makes amazing yarn!

  6. The lady we got them from gave us their fleeces from this year. I couldn't believe how soft they were when I got my hands on them. I can't wait to start spinning the gray! Must finish my project with Ziggy's fleece first though.

  7. Oh my gosh, they are so cute!love em'

  8. Great hair! They're really cute.

  9. Perfect names and HOW FUN will they be to watch!! Keep us updated often :)


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