Bombproof Bobbi

It's nice to have a horse that anyone can ride.  Around here, Bobbi is the girl.

Recently, J1 sold his horse and took ownership of Cowboy, our 2 year old paint.  Cowboy was to be J3's horse but he is comfortable with Bobbi.

As a former champion penning horse, Bobbi has the moves with an experienced rider.  However, she prefers an easy slow pace.  He rides her bareback with a halter & reins most of the time but sticks to the round pen and arena.  Since switching horses, you will find him most mornings out there "working her".

This week they have been working on ground tying.  That's when you "tie" your horse to the ground and they stay there.  Here he is gathering up the lead rope and putting it in a pile.  Then he tells her to stay.

They have gotten pretty good at ground tying.
If she happens to walk away, she gets backed up.  Horses don't like to back up so it's a punishment.

He has actually come in the house before to get a snack with her ground tied.  Of course, if she were standing on green grass, it might be a different story.

Notice her legs didn't move at all in the pics above.
"Good girl."

They have been working on some other things too.
Like flexing (that's the emergency brake)

and this...

Yea, I think it's safe to say she's bombproof.

Now if he can get her to move as fast as he wants to go...


  1. What a great girl! It's plain to see they love each other!

  2. I LOVE IT!!! I had a horse growing up who had the same truly is priceless! I would LOVE to find a horse like that for my kiddos sometime soon. It's so hard to find one though!! Cute post.

  3. How cute! What a good horse!!!

  4. Eeeeek! You better keep on eye on that son of yours, he might take Bobbi and join the circus!

  5. She's GREAT!!! :-D The "kid" is pretty cute too ;-).

  6. She's a sweetie. What fun to see the pictures.

  7. Haha, isn't it just amazing what a good horse will put up with. I use to stand on my little QH all the time, he would fall asleep.
    Due to orthopedic issues, I can't ride him at all now.
    So I am teaching my other horse to let me do this. There is an art to ground tying, but once they get is very useful.

  8. Hi Kim, I think that horse is so wonderful, love her. Great pictures, great post, enjoyable. Blessings Francine.

  9. Isn't it nice to have a horse you can trust with everyone. She looks so kind and patient. Here that would be Hank (the wonder horse) The 4-H club will be doing some vaulting on him next week, stay tuned.

  10. so cute, what a great horse and a great kid!!

  11. They make a great pair. I am impressed


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