Finished First "Sheep to Shawl"

I have finished my first project.  A "sheep to shawl" is a work of fiber that is handmade from sheep's wool.  In this case, it was from our ewe, Ziggy.

Of course, we had to have a special photo shoot in honor of the occasion!

Remember this fleece?
So crimpy and soft and straight off Ziggy.

I skirted it,
washed it,
spun it,
plied it,
& then crocheted it,
to make this gray and white messenger bag.

I ordered a button made from a Jacob ram's horn from Kenliegh's Acres.

Ziggy didn't know her fleece could be made into something so useful.
She thinks she needs a small bag to carry animal crackers in!  Guess I will have to work on that.

 And now I am on to making something else,
 a coordinating item for the bag.

For this I decided it would be fun to spin roving that has been processed at a fiber mill.
I bought 8 oz of beautiful medium gray from Meridian Jacobs.  Just look at the size of that ball! I will spin and crochet this and trim out my next project with the remaining varigated yarn from Zigs.

This much roving should keep me busy during the Tour.
What? You don't know about the Tour De Fleece?
While the best cyclists in the world are spinning their wheels around  France, 5,500+ handspinners from around the world are spinning their wheels too.  It's a online event on  It keeps us motivated to reach our spinning goals.  My goal this year it to spin this roving and complete my project.  See you at the finish line!  I'll be the one in the gray hat with the matching bag. ;)


  1. Wishing you the best in your spining event :)

    That bag is fabulous and I am loving the button too.


  2. I love the messenger bag much better than a shawl. I just signed up for Ravelry but don't know how to find the bag pattern (if there is one). Ziggy should be so proud of you.
    xo, Rosemary

  3. Content,
    Ravelry can be confusing at first. There is so much on there! I did find the bag pattern there. Here is the link:
    I made mine a little shorter than it suggested and I only used one thick strand of yarn where they used three. It was a fun and easy pattern!

  4. Kim....thanks for your help. Yours is ever so much nicer. I like your smaller bag with a longer strap. I haven't had a crochet hook in my hand since 4th grade and I don't have a sheep :(
    xo, Rosemary

  5. Lovely work! I hope you will be showing it off at the Spinner's Lead event at the AGM in August! I will never tire of how fulfilling it is when you take a fleece from a sheep you love to an item you can use or wear.

  6. That's awesome! There are sheep to shawl contests at some of the fairs. I've always wanted to see them, but have only seen displays of the finished projects. The have teams with as many as six people. The time they can crank one out in is incredible.

    Good work, lady!

  7. Beautiful finish!! Ziggy should be proud.

  8. Thanks ladies! You are so encouraging. I really did enjoy the whole process.

  9. I noticed you are following my blog, so I came by to see yours. Sheep to shawl, how exciting! It is one of my dreams to do this. We don't own sheep though... I have a wheel, love to knit, just need to dare to get a sheep-- one of these days.

    Your messager bag is very nice! :)

  10. Fascinating to follow a craft from the very beginning to the end product. Great work

  11. You and Ziggy should be very proud of that beautiful bag. Keep spinning.

  12. I am in love with that bag! What a sense of accomplishment you must have. I am very impressed.

  13. Mrs. Kim,
    I'm a homeschooler and new blogger. I fnd your work amazing! God bless.


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