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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Meat Chickens Venture Outside

The two week old chicks have taken their first steps outside. They have been cooped in a small pen inside the sheep shed.  The little door in the side is just right for them to go in and out.  This yard is not very big but will be just right to raise these guys.

"Quick!  Someone's coming.  Get inside."

We held the chicks the first day but haven't handled them much since then.  Being detatched is going to be important when it comes time to butcher. 

It makes my heart happy that we are able to raise them this way enjoying fresh air and freedom.  They are growing so fast!


  1. i'm sure they will have a good life while they've got it.

  2. We raised seven meat birds this year. I let them free range luckily my neighbors liked my chickens because they got brave and would venture pretty far! They grow faster than a normal chicken, ours crowed at nine weeks and also tried mating with my hens which I wasn't too happy about! And they ruined a few garden beds. All of that made it easier to process them, but I would pen them up next time when they reach that point! Good luck and have fun!

  3. The pictures make me miss having chickens this year!

  4. We are going to have to work our way up to meat chickens, butchering will be a big step for us. They are much better off with you than in some cage somewhere.

  5. I think it is wise not to get to know them too much, just think of them as little roast chickens or hearty chicken casseroles on two legs, I can imagine they will be delicious.

  6. I found that it was pretty easy to butcher them by the time they were ready. The Red Rangers and meat chickens in general don't seem to be the most intelligent chickens out there. Be ready because they are eating and pooping machines compared to regular chickens.

    We did 95 this spring for the first time and it went so well, we already ordered 150 for this fall.

  7. Hi Kim, so happy they get to be outside not just in a little cage. Great pictures, Blessings Francine.

  8. Those chickens will lead so much more happy lives than 99 percent of the meat chickens in this country.


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