Reflect & Refocus

Life gets so busy.  Sometimes we know where we are going but we forget why were were headed there in the first place. 

In those times, it's good to be still,

 to listen to God.

Reflect & refocus.

Refueling for their long journey, these little hummingbirds will soon be on their way.  Hummingbirds remind me of people (of myself).  They are so busy ~ always flapping their wings!  But every now and then you see one sitting, listening, and storing up
what they need to continue on.

During this month away from blogging, I've reflected on my blog's purpose.  I want it to be a true representation of our farm and our life.  I want it to be inspiring to those who live (or want to live) a more simple lifestyle.  I want it to be encouraging to your heart by sharing our faith with you in small ways. 

And so, the journey joyfully continues with renewed direction. 
I hope you will (re)join me.

"Be still, and know that I am God." Psalm 46:10