Sheep from St. Jude's

Months ago we visited St. Jude's Farm with only the expectation of seeing their Jacob Sheep.  While there, I fell in love with them.  They have such a beautiful flock! 

 As it turned out, we were blessed with the opportunity to add some of their sheep to our flock.
I'm so excited about them ~ I can hardly stand it!

We were thinking we would get three maybe four.  We came home with seven!  Can you blame us though?  They are just so nice!

Here's the lineup~

 Twinkle has a hand spinner's dream fleece ~ crimpy, fine, medium-long, and just bounces back.  I can't wait to spin it.

Precious is a daughter of Fairview Sterling.  There aren't many ewes out there with old bloodlines that close.  At seven years she is young enough to lamb but old enough to be the flock matron.  In fact, she walked into the pasture and all the sheep followed her immediately.  Amazing!

Callie is the prettiest four horn I think I've ever seen (of course, I'm biased).  She let me pet her nose when we were trying to decide which ones to get.  Of course, that was all it took to take her to the top of the list. 

McCarthy has lovely wide horns and a wonderful fleece.
She was named after a child with Tay Sach's ~ a neurological disorder that causes death.  Tay Sach genes in children are identical to the ones in Jacob Sheep and sheep that carry it are being used to try to find a cure.  All of our sheep have been tested and none of them have the gene.

Of course we had to bring home Ralene.  She's a granddaughter to Brighton Ramona and the one sheep that really caught my eye on our first visit to the farm.  Ralene will be a part of Jared's flock.

Sharee will also be Jared's.  She is just the cutest ewe lamb!  Poor little thing was not treated kindly by the big girls on the trip home and now is feeling a little lost.  This morning I was happy to see her hanging out with the other ewe lambs.  Hopefully she will find her place in the flock soon.

And last but certainly not least, we brought home a ram lamb with a cute little spot on his nose.
Auburn has amazing fleece!

Now we will work on getting them to come when we call.  I love to win them over slowly but surely.

My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.
John 10:27