Expecting a White Christmas

There is a bustle of activity and just a little excitement here at the Red Farmhouse.  We are expecting a White Christmas!  It may not seem like a big deal in other parts of the country but in Oklahoma it's a HUGE deal.  Honestly, I can count on one hand the number of White Christmas Days that I have seen.

Three years ago just after we moved in we had one.
It was so fun!

This year we have lots of animals to take care of though.  The storm preparation list was quite long this morning.  

So while I'm inside making
a pumpkin roll,
cinnamon rolls,
chocolate mousse,
strawberry pretzel jello
potato casserole,
green beans,
pork tenderloin with orange marmalade sauce.
(Notice I mentioned the sweets first. They are in order of importance, of course.)

Outside, the guys are moving hay bales,
putting up hoses,
getting the generators ready to run,
checking the tractor,
plugging in trough water heaters,
filling up feed buckets,
bringing in wood for the fire,
&, &, &,
all the while dreaming of sledding behind the John Deere Gator across our flat farm.

Ok, they aren't the only ones dreaming of a white Christmas.
I'm pretty excited about it too!