A Boy Raising Beef

Our oldest son loves cattle.  Right now he has ten Black Angus steers that he is raising for sides of beef.  

It's his own deal.  He has a lease on the property behind us and bought the calves.  Investing a year of time and money into them is a big investment for a young man.  But it's something that he loves to do and it's helping support him through college.

It's also a good example of why we built a farm.  In our day and age, boys are not given the opportunity to work.  We believe God instilled in them a need to be active and achieve something.  Hard work and responsibility teach boys to become men. 

Getting up before the sun comes up to feed them isn't always easy especially on the weekend.  The rewards can be small but satisfying.  The cattle allowing him to pet them is one of those rewards.

Jake's cattle are pasture raised but are brought in each day and feed a minimal amount of grain so he can check on them.  They like their daily ration of corn, alfalfa, soybean, cotton seed hulls, and molasses (with no antibiotics or steroids).

The nose licking means that's good stuff.  I love that cattle do that!  It's so funny!

After their meal, they go back out to graze and grow.

By June they will be full size.
Jake is taking orders for sides of beef if anyone local is interested.  You can even come pick one out.

And if you are not local, I would like to encourage you to support a local rancher.  Home grown beef is the best!

Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.
Proverbs 16:3