Aluminum Dining Chairs

Contemporary meets farmhouse~
We are always trying to incorporate that into our home.

We had the farmhouse pine table made when we built the house.  Since then we have had antique chairs & a bench around it.  
Finally, we got new chairs to go with our table.

They are:
Delta aluminum chairs from Crate & Barrel.
Very lightweight but sturdy as can be.
Big enough for our teenage boys
but small enough to fit three chairs on each side.

We love the look of sleek metal with warm wood.

We haven't decided what do with the black chairs on the ends.

I covered a seat with a feed sack from our cattle grain and got corn all over the floor in the process!
It's cute but the plastic started stretching after a day.  We may try some reproduction feed sack prints.  That would be fun but functional but maybe a little too farm-ish.

For now they are covered with black with polka dots. 
 I love polka dots!
I think the chairs might look cute painted red with this fabric.  
It has red, green & gold dots and 
coordinates with the living room fabrics.

The verdict is still out on the black chairs
 but we love the aluminum ones!

Be joyful in hope.
Romans 12:12


  1. I love the cushions on the black chairs. Glad that you have comments back :)

  2. The new chairs look great with your wood table.

  3. Those new chairs look great... glad your comments are back!

  4. I like the feed bag look on the black chairs. Cute....but I am all things farm! I'm sure what ever you do it will look good!
    Great to see the comments.

  5. I kind of like the combination of the new chairs with the black ones. And, I love the feedsack look! Our feedsacks are paper and not nearly as exciting.

  6. I love your new chairs! And I REALLY love them mixed with the black wood ones! Nice job:)

  7. I wish I had your decorative imagination. I love the mix of 'new and old' .... but can never capture it well myself.
    Oh, and I love the black ones too. The black with the aluminium with the 'old' looks great.

  8. love the metal chairs! it's a shame the feed sack idea didn't last longer, that was cute.

    hope y'all are doing good, we talk about you every now and again!!


  9. Any chance you can stitch the feed sack to another fabric to hold it's shape from stretching? Sort of like you are quilting it to something that doesn't stretch? I think you do for a t-shirt quilt. Are they uncomfortable on legs with shorts on?? keep the black chairs if they are comfy. I'm more for comfy. We spend a lot of time at the table. I want people to stay a long time there. I have been adding pops of red to my kitchen and I like it!
    Thanks from me too for the comments returned. I've been having serious computer issues and thought maybe it was just me..

  10. I love the feedsack idea! I wish I were creative enough to do those things.


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