Hatching Chicks

Our youngest boy got an incubator for Christmas.

Of course a few days later it had eggs in it.
Since we have a rooster and he is very attentive to his ladies, we took warm eggs out of the coop.
There are 6 brown ones and 2 green ones.

He's been turning them three times a day for 21 days.
The eggs were marked with o's & x's so he would know which ones needed to be turned.

Yesterday, right on schedule, they started hatching.
Breaks in the shells started as they made their way into the world.

And they started to peep!
Even before they hatched.
It was like they were saying,
"I'll be born soon."
So cute!

Hello there!

Nana & Papaw came over from next door to watch.

Tuff watched too.

By this morning, six of them had hatched.
One broke the shell open but didn't make it further than that.  And there is one left still incubating.  We're going to wait another 24 hours just to give it a chance.

It's always fun to have baby chicks.
Hatching them from our own chickens made it even better!

All the ways of the Lord are loving and faithful.
Psalm 25:10


  1. Wow, how exciting & very cute! xx

  2. Oh Kim! That is so CUTE! And exciting ... I was just saying about an hour ago that I really would love to have our own chicks....
    What a wonderful Christmas present, btw

    (Oh, and I have to comment on Tuff .... *gorgeous* :) )

    1. That was one of those Christmas presents that wasn't on the list but we knew he wanted one. I love those!
      Tuff is a big pup! He will have his own post on his one year anniversary here, Valentine's Day.

  3. We haven't done this in a while and we must as soon as Spring rolls around again!! My children love their chickens...

  4. I've found that I like to raise chicks in the off season so they will be ready to lay eggs in the summer. ;)

  5. Congratulations Kim!!! What a great present! I got one for my 38th b-day LOL! It was an awesome experience for the whole family!
    The baby in the last pic is a doll!

  6. I love the story and pictures. I had a hen that went broody and hatched 4 chicks and my grands loved candling the eggs and hatching day was just great. It would be even more fun this this incubator. Great Christmas present.

  7. So fun! We got our oldest two mini incubators as well! We just put the eggs in this morning!!! I can't wait to see if get some new little ones;) only 20 more days till we find out.

  8. I now want an incubator, some eggs and chickens.....if only my jack Russell wouldn't eat them ;)

  9. How fun, We need to try again...!! Last time we lost power for about four hours on day 14,sad day!

  10. They are so cute! Our oldest wants chickens so badly but they are not allowed in our subdivision. He has to make do with the rabbits and 4-H calves for now.

  11. I raised chicks one year and I can't wait till this summer we're going to raise quail

  12. How nice! Chicks! We are having a nice big snow right now, so yours reminds of spring! I'm OK with snow...we need some for our farms and snow related industry here.
    maybe I'll get my hubby one of those for Christmas and he's want chickens, too. Probably that would be pushing it!

  13. So cute they are. Your furry friend looks proud of the new feathered friends. Blessings! Lara

  14. Really amazing, watching chicks hatch. I remember this experience from childhood. Also must comment on the post below. I really would like an updated post on your horsemanship college class. Good for you!


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