Taking a College Horsemanship Class

Today, I made an important step in my horseback riding journey.  I've committed myself to a 6 month intensive with horses.  I am already taking lessons once a week and am supposed to practice at 5 days per week but I need more help.
I need more time in the saddle.
I need to ride different horses.
I need confidence.

 I've never even been hurt on a horse ~ never thrown ~ never bucked.  I look forward to working with my horse, D.  I want to ride her and I do.  But when I say "ride" I don't mean to just get on her and walk around.  I mean I want to really experience the fun and freedom of riding.

Something is holding me back and that something is fear:
fear of getting hurt
fear of going fast
fear of failing.
Fear keeps us from fulfilling our dreams.  

I started taking a college class.

Our son's equine coach has done wonders with his riding and his confidence.  She assures me that riding a lot of different horses will raise my confidence and calm my fears.  And to make it even better, my husband is taking the class with me.  It's been 20 + years since we've taken a college class together. You would think that Jake wouldn't want his mom & dad coming to his school to learn but he has been sweet and encouraging about it.

And so today, this 44 year old lady went back to college for a horsemanship class. I'm excited about it. It will be quite a ride, I think!

Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.
Psalm 37:4