A Barn Cat

for a Birthday Boy.

This little kitty was living at the college equestrian barn.
Jake kept coming home telling us about him.

We decided he could bring him home
for his birthday. So now he is fixed and has a real home.

Simba is a very special cat.
Super friendly
with people and animals.
Horses are his favorite
besides Jake, of course!

Simba actually begs to ride horses with whoever is in the saddle.
It's so funny!  He and Bobbi have become fast friends.

It's easy to see how he won his way into our hearts
and onto our farm,
um... make that the rec room.

Yea, he's a barn cat.

Happy Birthday, Jake.

Be devoted to one another in brotherly love.
Honor one another above yourselves.
Romans 12:10


  1. What a pretty, and lucky cat Simba is!
    Happy birthday Jake :)

  2. What a beautiful cat, and a beautiful-hearted boy!

  3. What a cute kitty!! I can see why he won every ones heart!!

  4. Simba looks like a special one ~ a cat with a personality can't be beat! Happy Birthday!

  5. We thought we had the most special kitties around! Hmmm... Maybe not! He looks awful special!

  6. That's a beautiful 'barn' cat!

  7. Happy Birthday Jake, and welcome to Simba! Most of our 'barn' cats are orange and white too. Sweet and affectionate. I like how Simba color coordinates with your pooch....*smile*

  8. happy birthday Jake and what a wonderful gift for you and the cat.....1 look and i can see how the Barn cat became a rec cat!!

  9. my favorite cat was orange and white. No cats right now, just a border collie, but I work a few days a week at a vet clinic and get lots of cat holding there! There is just something comforting about having a cat curled up with you, isn't there?

  10. happy birthday jake!

    pretty cute cat...for a cat. :)

  11. So funny how cats sometimes don't act like you think cats should. Seems like Simba has a lot of people and other animal love in him! And I love orange cats (though I really prefer dogs to cats). I'm glad you have allowed comments again. I do love your blog and think about what my life is going to be like when my boys are the ages of your's!

  12. This was truly adorable! Truly lifted my spirits.


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