Oklahoma Snow

A thick white blanket of snow has fallen on the farm.
The first measurable snow this winter and probably the last too.

 All the animals are snug in their shelters ~

except for a few

who need to play in & taste the freshly falling flakes.

Cowboy thinks it's yummy stuff!

The garden was just starting to bud out for spring
but the moisture will be good for it.

I love how snow makes everything peaceful and bright.

Tomorrow it will be gone but today I'm enjoying an Oklahoma snow.

Let us therefore make every effort to do what leads 
to peace and to mutual edification.
Romans 14:19


  1. That's neat! You're house looks lovely with snow. :) It's pretty special when we get snow, too. We were blessed with real good packing snow on January 15th, so we had a fun snowball fight before it disappeared. :)

  2. Lovely first picture. Your house is beautiful in the snow.

  3. Beautiful! We haven't had a snow this year....would love one before Spring arrives!


  4. Awww it's so pretty! Waiting for it to head my way, so far we have just cold rain!

  5. Hello Friend, Wonderful photos! I agree with you peaceful and bright. Anna

  6. I love seeing the transformed world after a snowstorm. Lovely photos!

  7. I am a former OKIE who now lives at the beach on the NC/SC state line and I have to say...while I miss that peaceful feeling that the cold, white stuff brings I don't miss the cold weather one bit. I was in OK last week and enjoyed the gorgeous weather y'all were having and am so thankful I made it back to the beach before the white stuff hit. Your home IS gorgeous and I so enjoy your blog!

  8. Looks like a picture postcard! Enjoy!


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