Sledding Farmboy Style

in the sheep pasture.

The guys had lots of fun today in the snow!

We find more uses for the Gator than we ever imagined. ;)

Poor pups aren't allowed in the pasture
and they were pouting.

The ewes weren't thrilled about the fun either!

Blessings from the farm...


  1. Looks like fun! Our boys do a similar version at their friends'farm with a four wheeler. They were happy to have lots of snow again

  2. what? y'all got snow?! where's ours? :)

  3. Looks like so much fun! We used to do that when we lived in OH 2 years ago, miss the Snow!

  4. Your house is gorgeous in the snow:)

    I'm so glad you enabled your comments again:)

  5. I am so glad I found you again. I am very new to blogging BUT I have been visiting blogs for over a year soon as I saw yours this evening I was OH OH...I found her. Maybe because I love the simple life as well... Love your home and farm..just love :)

  6. our Snow only lasted till noon and then it was all gone, but it was pretty to see while it it's just a muddy mess, but since we haven't seen a muddy road in forever we wont complain cause we can use the moisture!

  7. We love the snow! Our last snowstorm gave us 1 1/2 feet of fluffy whiteness! Even our animals enjoy it - sure is better than mud!

  8. These pictures look like ads for John Deere and Coke. Love it and seeing all those boys having fun. My little guys still haven't really got to experience snow..maybe I should FedEx them out to you or to my brother in Colorado or sister-in-law in NYC. :o)

  9. Adore that last photo - the animals so close to the house. Looks like you had a LOT of fun! (glad the comment option is back)


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