Ice in April

This Oklahoma spring has not been a normal one.
Last year our pastures were fully green by the beginning of March.
This year we have freezing rain in mid April.

We are desperate for it to warm up 
so that we have grass for our farm animals too eat
but we need the moisture badly
and it is pretty.

I'm hoping that sparkling ice will not kill back anything that was budding out.

redbud blooms covered with ice

flower garden flooded

along side the road
green grass & ice ~ a strange combination

What a strange spring!
I think I'll settle in by the wood stove 
for the rest of the day 
unless baby lambs decide to be born, that is!

God has made everything beautiful in it's time
Ecclesiastes 3:11


  1. The water is good but yes, let's hope the ice doesn't do damage to new growth. We are expecting the ice tomorrow, said to be coming here to Ontario from Texas.

  2. Lots of snow here. We need the moisture, but it has been hard on the ranchers that are calving. I enjoyed the photos. Green and ice is better than snow.

  3. That storm was a shock to the system! My rabbit had a kit the day it was 80 and I had to put a heat lamp in last night just to keep it warm. I also told my goat doe "do not kid tonight, it's too dang cold" she listened thank goodness LOL!

    1. Yes, that is what we told the ewes ~ no babies tonight please! Still cold here today.


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