Who goes with whom?

"Well, hello! 
"And hello to you too!"
"Oh my goodness.  Who do you belong to?"
This was the conversation between me and the lambs at 3:00 this morning.

During our middle of the night check,
we discovered one lamb in the yard and another in the shed but with different ewes.  One ewe, Ralene, obviously just had a lamb and the other, Twinkle, (how shall I say it?) was very clean and did not appear in labor.

We separated them and then decided that Twinkle had not had a lamb.  So we thought she was babysitting, took him away from her and put him with Ralene.  Then we went back to bed and got up to check on everyone an hour later.  Then Twinkle had another lamb!

Who goes with whom?

We weren't sure at first but have it all figured out now.  It's Twinkle's ram for sure. (She delivered two sacks)

The sheep are all happy now
and the shepherds are much less confused.

St. Jude's Ralene x Never Winter Haagen Dazs ram lamb.
 This is Jared's lamb since Ralene is his sheep.  He thinks he is pretty special.  I think he's right.

St. Jude's Twinkle x Moose Mountain Hawthorn ewe lamb
 This little girl is cute from the top of her fuzzy head to the white tips on her black hooves.

The mix up boy~ St. Jude's Twinkle x Moose Mountain Hawthorn ram lamb.
 He was a whopping 9 lbs, 12 oz

settled in
Jeremiah 50:6
My people have been lost sheep.  Their shepherds have led them astray, turning them away on the mountains.  From the mountain to hill they have gone.  They have forgotten their fold.


  1. Kim, I have really enjoyed my visit to your blog. What adorable little creatures you have. I love the tufting hair!
    I am definitely hooked, so I'll be back!

  2. So far I've been spared any confusion during lambing; glad you got them figured out!

  3. Nothing cuter than baby lambs in the spring!!

  4. You make me want some!! So cute! What a great job you all are doing!

  5. I remember when cows would have twins we would get a bit confused. Glad things got straightened out. I love the little girl in the middle with black feet.

  6. Precious! You are a lucky woman and a hard working one as well.

  7. All that pretty black and white coloring! I love it.

  8. awww so cute glad babies and momma are ok

  9. Cute, cute, cute! Glad everyone's straightened out :-).

  10. Sweet. And lovely. My girls - who've been begging me to buy a horse - would love this.

  11. Can I ask where you got your lambing jugs? We are in the market for some.

    1. Abby,
      Our family business is in aluminum work and my husband made them. Wish he had time to make them to market because they are so nice.

  12. Oh my heavens they are just adorable ! So glad you worked out who belong to who .. !

    I enjoy so much seeing your farm and family in everyday life.

    And here's praying that spring makes it to you all very soon.



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