Garden Revived

I never would have believed that the gardens could bounce back after the terrible hail a few weeks ago.  They now look like nothing ever happened except that the birdhouse got a fresh coat of purple paint.

Even the irises whose leaves were ripped to shreds, 
put on a spectacular show.
This is one of the last of the season.

Now the daylilies and roses are starting to bloom along with new annuals, ready for the hot summer sun.

Speaking of hot, this is one of my new favorites.
Red Hot Poker ~ I just love it!

The vegetable garden revived too.

To our surprise, the dashed onions stood back up.
 Turnips and beets and potatoes are also doing nicely.
Tomatoes are planted and starting to bloom.  For now they are protected from the wind by the bottomless buckets.  

We harvested a nice crop of broccoli & califlower

and even a few english peas.

The garden is in transition now.
The last of the lettuce let us know spring is coming to a close

and summer is starting with green beans sprouting.

It's been wonderful to see how life can be renewed even when we think there is little hope.

Revelations 21:5
Behold, I make all things new.


  1. Rejuvenation is a wonderful thing.
    Your lettuce is making my mouth water! Enjoy.

  2. Absolutely amazing how it's come back! God's creation is so amazing!! Beautiful!

  3. Such a wonderful home you have :) x

  4. It so wonderful to see green grass growing in all the fields and the flowers blooming in the gardens. The Lord has brought us so far from the last two years of drought. Although many Oklahomans are struggling after the tornado in Moore, we must look for the blessings through all the tribulations around us. God has blessed us with much needed rain. We all know just like Kim's flowers the people of Moore will rise again and stand tall and the land will be beautiful again. You have a beautiful place and we know it takes so much work to keep it looking like you do.

  5. Good morning. it's always a pleasure to read your posts, all the way from Cyprus. it's been our dream to build our own farmhouse, and your pictures make it seem closer to reality. I have some questions, about livestock, mostly. Would it be okay if i bothered you a bit with them? i know a farmer's life is always busy :)

    1. Farming in Cyprus, wow! Feel free to ask whatever you want to know and I will do my best to answer your questions. Email me at red farmhouse gal at g mail dot com.

  6. It looks just beautiful! Dianntha

  7. Really, how uplifting this post. We have a lot to learn from nature. Your place looks gorgeous.


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