Pure Milk

Over a year ago, I started having issues with drinking store bought cow's milk.  After much reading, I came to realize I was having problems digesting the protiens in dairy.  
So I went without ~
without my 2 glasses a day.
without ice cream.
without cheese on my burgers.

Raw cow's milk from the Stewart Dairy

Over the months we discussed dairy goats (again) and even a family cow.
But first I needed to find out if I could handle raw milk.  

A few weeks ago, I tried some goat's milk.  I thought it was wonderful but it got mixed reviews from the other members of our family ~ everything from preferring it over cow's milk to refusing to even try it.

Even with that, we decided to go look at some goats.  But while we were there, Wayne kept looking at the cow dairy next door.  He was thinking... I could tell.

Upon leaving, he suggested we go meet the people, see the cows, and try some milk.

We were delighted with what we found ~
Friendly family
Gentle cows (we were welcomed with licks)
& Sweet milk
all at the Stewart Dairy

Brown Swiss Cow (photo credit ~ Stewart Dairy Farm)

We took a gallon home.
This week we went back for 6 more gallons, plus cream for coffee, cream cheese for bagels, and even a block of jalepeno cheese.

It's wonderful, I tell you.  I've never tasted milk so good!
The best part is that it doesn't hurt my stomach. :)

If you are local, make the drive to Blanchard, Oklahoma to buy raw milk at the Stewart Dairy Farm.  You will be glad you did.

Like newborn babies, long for the pure milk of the word,
so that by it you may grow in respect to salvation.
1 Peter 2:2


  1. So happy for you! Can your own cow be far behind? ;0)
    I'm lactose intolerant, so I don't think raw milk would work for me, but it's good to know you can have it! Enjoy!

    1. If you haven't ever been tested for lactose intolerance, you might try raw milk or at least read up on it. The information I found on the internet encouraged me to try it. Natural digestable enzymes that are found in milk are destroyed in the homogenization and pasturization process. Many people that can't tolerate store bought dairy, can drink raw milk and eat cheese made from it.

  2. Oh I love cows! To me, they are the loveliest of farm animals... So interesting that 'pure' milk (*proper* milk!) doesn't bother your stomach. How much good is taken out of our food, and ill put into it, by all the processing that goes on :/

  3. Your post brings back memories of following mom, swinging the milk pail, and singing 'Old MacDonald's Farm' at the top of my lungs.

  4. That cow is soo cute! I have my first quart of goats milk in the fridge and another on the counter that I'm going to make sour cream with! My husband and little one have issues with store bought milk and they are dairy lovers so I can't wait to see how our goats milk affects their stomachs ☺

  5. Any idea on how to find a family dairy near me? I live in southern Nevada. I'd love to buy milk from a dairy that treats their animals with love and care.

    1. I would search for raw milk Nevada and see what you find. I did a quick search and saw that there is a facebook page for a raw milk alliance in your state. Maybe you could post a question on there and find one. Asking at a local farmer's market might also be an option. Hope you find one!

    2. Inquire on Craigslist or search for breeders of dairy cattle (Jerseys, Holsteins, Brown Swiss) in your area are other options.

  6. We love the Stewarts! Been buying milk from them for the past 7 years, and I have never had a bad glass. Best raw milk around!

    1. LeAnna,
      You are close enough that you can buy milk there too and you haven't been to visit the red farmhouse? What are you waiting for girl. Consider this your open invitation. :) I'll make apple pie and we can drink Stewart Milk!

    2. We love apple pie down here at the dairy too!!! Hot apple pie with fresh homemade ice cream! Made with our milk of course. :) Doesn't get much better than that!

  7. We too have Brown Swiss cows and drink raw milk! Brown Swiss is our favorite breed. Can't beat that sweet, creamy, raw goodness. I have friends who are lactose intolerant, but they can drink our raw milk...

    1. It's amazing to see the joy that people get when they find out after years of not being able to drink store bought milk that they can actually drink our raw milk. It's a special feeling when you see your milk help someone and they can finally enjoy something that they thought they would have to do without for the rest of their life. We are blessed to have the opportunity to do what we do.

  8. For many years growing up I drank raw goats milk. My mother put it in the freezer after straining it through a cloth, I think. She DID have to trick me to get me to drink it. She poured it into a store gallon container for a week. Informed me afterwards what I was drinking. How we all laughed :) I think I am going to look into that here in NC... Thanks!

  9. I used to buy raw milk all the time for my family. It takes a little getting used to at first, but is delicious, I agree. And the cream off the top is a treat. ;)


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