Dark Green Eggs

Remember these little ones that we hatched 
from our own eggs this spring?
They are all grown up and laying eggs themselves now.

Some of them are laying dark green eggs!
Our New Hampshire Reds lay brown eggs and our Americanas lay light green ones.  We thought all the new pullets were New Hampshire Reds.  But they surprised us!
They look like Reds but must have come from the green eggs we hatched out and that would make them crossbred Reds/Americanas. 

What's amazing is how dark the green color is.  Our pure Americana green eggs are much lighter like the one in the bottom right.  We aren't big fans of crossbreeds but I do like the dark green eggs.

Be joyful in hope.
Romans 12:12


  1. What beautiful girls and a gorgeous array of eggs! x

  2. I love the hens! They are so cute ... dreaming of having my own one day ;)

  3. Wow those were really green eggs. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Green eggs !!! I don't know they exist !!

  5. I love the green eggs too! Been thinking of breeding our Americaunas with our Buffs to see what kinds of eggs we can develop.

  6. Kim, How fun is to have two shades of the green? I love those Americana eggs and I have to admit that the New Hampshire Reds are one of my favorite breeds of hens. (Probably the Barred Rocks are my favorite though!) But honestly, a bunch of sweet hens are about the best pets ever!


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