Yellow & Orange Summer

The flower garden is in full summer bloom.

Aside from the huge pink rose bushes,
it seems to be all yellow and orange.

I'm not complaining, mind you.

It's all sunshiny!

Time to sit back and soak up the summer.

Yeah, right!  We live on the farm.  There is very little sitting & soaking.
I am enjoying the summer though.

May the Lord make your love increase 
and overflow for each other 
and for everyone else, 
just as ours does for you.
1 Thessalonians 3:12


  1. Love all the gorgeous color!

  2. Your flowers are beautiful...all those colors would make me smile, even if like you, I don't get to do to much sitting around.

  3. so beautiful..I look forward to seeing your garden each yr.

  4. So beautiful, did anything survived from your hail storm in the garden?

  5. I love the chairs. It looks so relaxing. Great photos. Your garden is wonderful.

  6. Kim, I am trying not to envy, but seeing these wonderful colours .... They are beautiful. What an evidence of a beauty-loving Creator
    A x


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