A Few New Ewes

Many of our sheep came from St. Jude's Farm in Texas where they have bred a beautiful flock of Jacob Sheep.  Soon after we got Jacobs we sought them out because we loved the look of their sheep.  Fred and Joan Horak of St. Jude's have become sheep mentors to us and sweet friends.

Six of our ewes and one ram came from their farm last year.  Now with their flock closing, we decided to bring a few more home. 

St. Jude's Audelia, Duchess, & Alexa

It was interesting to watch them greet each other after not being together for a year. For the most part the three new ewes are sticking together but they are seen hanging out with their old friends and making new ones too.  It was so obvious that some recognized each other and immediately started grazing together.

Duchess is leader of the new girls.  She acts like royalty living up to her name. I bet she will be second in command after Precious, our flock matron.

Audelia is one I really liked in the beginning. She seems sweet but shy.

Alexa is cute and has amazing fleece.

Our flock number now is 22 ~
14 ewes
& 8 rams.

A friend loves at all times.
Proverbs 17:17


  1. Kim - your sheep are so incredibly beautiful. Did you name them or did they come with those names because they are wonderful names! :-) I always have a hard time naming our calves - I think I'll just steal your names! ~ Dori ~

  2. How sweet that they recognized their old friends. Congrats on the new members of your flock!

  3. I love how the Jacobs are all so individual


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